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The restaurant is housed in the Hotel Único, a 19th century mansion which was converted into a 44 bedroom luxury boutique hotel. With an extraordinary location in the middle of Madrid’s “Golden Mile” in the Salamanca district, excellence in service is a distinguishing hallmark of Hotel Único. The elegant facade hides fine interior architecture and modern bedrooms with high ceilings and large windows, as well as a verdant and peaceful garden which leads through to the Ramón Freixa Madrid restaurant.

The garden of Hotel Único  is a true oasis of peace in the midst of the Salamanca district. They lead guests into the dining area of Ramón Freixa Madrid.

It is an elegant and sophisticated space where up to 25 diners, seated at seven large and comfortable tables, can enjoy the cooking of Ramón Freixa. It is the perfect balance of tradition and avant-garde where the flavours of the produce really stand out and Chef Ramón Freixa refers to his restaurant as “a place of happiness”.

The restaurant also offers a private dining area for up 12 people.

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